If you have decided to retain a divorce attorney, you can help save time and money by gathering important legal and financial documents together before meeting with your attorney. Doing this ahead of time gives your attorney an immediate and useful overview of the property and assets likely to be at issue in your case.

These documents include:

1. Tax returns. All federal and state income tax returns filed by either you or your spouse for the last three calendar years.

2. Pay stubs. If you don’t have the income tax returns for the most recent calendar year then bring all W-2 statements, year-end payroll statements, or any records that show the income you earned in the past year.

3. Financial documents. All financial statements, credit card statements, checking account statements, and loan statements.

4. Property. All deeds, real estate contracts, appraisals and most recent statements of assessed value relating to the property.

5. Vehicles. Certificates of title or registrations for all automobiles, motor vehicles, boats or other personal property that is registered to you or the other party.

6. Investments. Statements for retirement and pension accounts, stocks, bonds, secured notes, mutual funds, and other investments that you both have an interest.

7. Insurance. Medical, automotive, and life insurance policies, and most recent statements.

Organizing these documents in advance will go a long way toward securing your long term and short term interests. Contact us to schedule a meeting to protect your family’s future.